Congratulations to GildedSphinx for becoming the first F2P HCIM to max!

Congratulations to Freckled Dad for becoming the first to achieve 200m experience in Runecrafting!

Congratulations to Nevr Miss for becoming the first HCIM to hit 99 Runecrafting!

Congratulations to Tannerdino for achieving 200m experience in Attack!

Huge congratulations to Kelarotta1 for becoming the first F2P UIM to max!

We're proud to show off the work on the new F2P Skilling Methods Discord! Organized skilling info, examples, and discussion. Lead by
tannerdino, Pawz, Terrathrone, Freckled Dad, and many more. Special thanks to Dan S for the main game version.

Thanks to Schwifty Bud for organizing a new friends chat 'ftp family' for all F2P players to hang out, clan-less or not. Click the image below to see what he has to say about it!

Due to database concerns, players who do not gain experience every week will be removed from the Wiki.

Note: This is a permanent removal.

April Fools :)

Attention Scapers!

Are you struggling for money now that services are finally considered RWT?

Tired of killing the same rune dragons or smithing r2h for only 800k/h?

'F2P runners' Discord is looking for efficient Runners and lazy Runecrafters!

Rates for runners go up to 4m/h!!!

Start your trial today at

Note: is not sponsored by 'F2P Runners', and this is not an ad, but a personal recommendation. If there's any confusion, it is not a service or even remotely sketchy - if you remember air runecraft running from back in the day, it's nearly the same concept. It's a really great F2P community, and I can proudly recommend it as an occasional runner myself.
- Unkie
Clans have now been released! Please contact us at if you wish to add a F2P clan.

Congratulations to DansPotatoe for becoming the first F2P UIM to 99 Runecrafting! A truly remarkable achievement.

Happy Holidays from the F2P Wiki team! Remember to take some time out from those EHP gains to spend time with your family!

Huge thank you to Ello F2p for creating a brand new logo and Christmas banner for the F2P Wiki. You can find more of his works on twitter at

There will be a Christmas Castle Wars Event on December 13th, 2020, at 9 PM GMT on world 383! Hosted by "W_385" clan chat. Full details here.

The new EHP rates have been released. See full list of updates for Regs here and for Ironmen here

We're proud to announce the release of global F2P-only ranks on each player's personal stats page! There will be further improvements on it in the future to allow an option to be account-type specific, to update 0-time skill ranking, etc.

Congratulations to the winners of the W_385 clan's Teams of 2 EHP Competition!
First Place Team
Second Place Team
DansPotatoe Covid 19 V2
Third Place Team

May 2, 2020: Please join me in welcoming Say F2p Ult as the new official co-owner of!

He is a trusted and beloved friend and community member who has already given much of his own free time to contribute to the open source code of this site. There have been several improvements thanks to Say, and I know that with our combined efforts and leadership, we will have an even better site than ever before.

If you see him in game, please take the time to say hello and thank him for his work!

- Unkie

March 14, 2020: As the official Jagex Hiscores appear to be fixed, we have restored automatic daily player updates.

March 5, 2020: We have decided to write up a comprehensive guide to's philosophy of F2P OSRS here. Please feel free to comment on this - we more than welcome discourse and discussion.

Jan 28, 2020: Just to re-iterate, does NOT treat name changes of any kind as false F2P. Including but not limited to Jagex forced name changes, historical Funorb name changes, bond name changes, etc., and we never will. Yes, even bond name changes.

Our sincerest apologies for the recent outages on the site. Due to changes to the official Jagex hiscores, all hiscores including, CML, and even Jagex official hiscores have been experiencing massive issues. For example, the official hiscores has been unresponsive for the past 2 hours as of writing this. As a result, we have unfortunately had to make the decision to no longer automatically update non-supporter players below 250 EHP. Manual updates may still be made.

Congratulations to the Cunnilinguists for winning the F2P Team Rumble competition!

v1.64 release: LMS hiscores and Obor/Bryophyta kill count hiscores. Ranks will fill in with the next site-wide player updates.

v1.63 release: Lowest Level hiscores, ability to reset filters, ability to filter out inactive players, fix to non-combat hiscores

Bargan is free.

Due to a recent increase in accounts de-ironing or losing hardcore status, we have released a feature to check account type at the bottom right corner of each player's Personal Hiscores page.

Congratulations to the winners of the Free to Play clan's Buddy-Up Summer Skilling Competition!
First Place Team
tannerdino ColdFingers3
Second Place Team
DJ9 Pawz
Third Place Team
Irondish DansPotatoe

v1.62 release: 99 and 200m count have been released on the hiscores.

v1.61 release: internal site upgrades and refactoring. Open sourcing of our GitHub repo!

v1.60 release: Major site overhaul with updated EHP, implementation of bonus XP algorithms, and general internal improvements.

Our site has encountered multiple issues regarding beginner clues and the official beginner clues hiscores. As a result, many players were deleted, along with tracking and record data. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are doing our best to resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks to DansPotatoe for sharing his level 3 UIM guide!

v1.52 release: Overall (no combats) hiscores has been released!

v1.51 release: We're happy to announce the Time to Max feature on the hiscores!

Shoutout to Pawz and his new videos on Efficient F2P Maxing: Part 1, Part 2

v1.50 release: The long awaited EHP and XP tracking and Record Gains! Personal scores page also now displays current gains and records in addition to stats.
F2P Overall Hiscores
Rank Name Account Type Overall EHP
1 minlvlskilla UIM 16,259.86
2 Netbook Pro Reg 14,566.89
3 Janne Ahonen Reg 13,155.69
4 Pawz Reg 12,744.59
5 5ent UIM 12,125.78
6 kelarotta1 UIM 11,971.81
7 f2p agil Reg 11,928.83
8 Freckled Dad Reg 10,618.05
9 DJ9 Reg 9,720.32
10 Kakarot Owns Reg 9,705.58
11 GildedSphinx HCIM 8,741.97
12 Anne Shirley IM 8,647.76
13 Terrathrone UIM 8,632.33
14 tannerdino IM 8,558.55
15 Jambo3547 IM 8,002.46
16 ColdFingers3 IM 7,414.95
17 Nevr Miss HCIM 7,204.37
18 Quthalos Reg 6,948.85
19 OrangeC Reg 6,806.2
20 Natekay UIM 6,463.46
21 UI Pain UIM 6,441.54
22 No Comfort Reg 6,427.84
23 Laskati UIM 6,304.36
24 HelplessBob IM 6,228.0
25 Romans ch 12 UIM 6,214.56

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