Pre-v1.0 Changelog

v0.6.4a Jan 30, 2018
Feature added: Message of the day
Feature-in-progress: more css styling - centering containers, tables, text
Fix: Show player page styled

v0.6.3a Jan 29, 2018
Feature complete: Display skill by EHP, Level, or XP
Feature-in-progress: more css styling - skill images, better containers
Fix: EHP, Hall of Shame, Changelog pages styled

v0.6.2a Jan 26, 2018
Feature-in-progress: css styling
Feature-in-progress: display skill as ehp, lvl, or xp
Feature complete: remove p2p automatically
Updated seeds to include ~3000+ regs, removed p2p

v0.6.1a Jan 21, 2018
Feature complete: F2P Hall of Shame including banned and fake F2P players
Feature complete: Add and delete players without resetting database (MOD ACCESS ONLY)

v0.6.0a Jan 21, 2018
Feature complete: Limit number of accounts shown
Feature complete: Detect dead HCIMs
Added all F2P regs with 1k+ total level and F2P IM/UIM/HC with ~400+ total level, found directly from OSRS hiscores, with some known skiller exceptions manually added

v0.5.5a Dec 29, 2017
Feature-in-progress: Find potential f2p players directly from OSRS hiscores

v0.5.2a Dec 9, 2017
Feature-in-progress: Show and hide specific skills (highlight is missing, formatting needs work)
Bug Fixes: total lvl and xp are updated correctly
Manual seed updates: added Finlay825 as requested

v0.5.1a Dec 5, 2017
Updated IM/HCIM/UIM EHP for WC/FM/Fishing/Cooking for accurate account progress for maxing at 200M XP and for differing playstyles
Manual seed updates: removed nanitronic, annebelle as fake f2p
Bug Fixes: strength and defence positions are no longer swapped

v0.5.0a Nov 24, 2017
Completed feature: Update all players' stats
Manual seed updates: removed j0llypong, solo_a_magic for p2p stats

v0.4.1a Nov 22, 2017
Added IM/UIM EHP to EHP rates page
Formatting changes: Added table borders, highlight selected sort

v0.4a Nov 21, 2017
Completed features: Filter by account type
Manually updated all player stats, dennarr removed for p2p stats

v0.3a Nov 15, 2017
Improved formatting on individual player page
Completed features: Update Player with OSRS hiscores stats, EHP calculation for all account types
Added table value: Total P2P XP + P2P Activities (keep it or hide it?)
Feature in progress: Update All Players

v0.2.4a Nov 14, 2017
Imported EHP rates into site
Feature in progress: Update Player
Manual EHP update for 11/14/2017

v0.2.3a Nov 12, 2017
Changed function of Search Player (Display only accounts with that name) to Find Player (Highlight and scroll down to player)
Changed ambiguity of 'Sort Skill By: EHP/Level/XP' to 'Display Skill as: EHP/Level/XP'
Temporarily removed incomplete features: find player, filter account type, display skill as
Fixed bug: Homepage will not be empty on first visit
Clear Filters/Session/Cookies prototype

v0.2.2a Nov 11, 2017
Updated Reg EHP (nerfed fish/wc/mining/pray/smith/magic)
Manual seed updates: removed jade_green, stylen, rajse_ur_att, amethyst_ait, ironcatt, lvl_3_btw, lazor, pure_shreds, rag_bot, ily_ely, 27s_br0, f2prod

v0.2a Nov 11, 2017
Updated Ironman smithing EHP: smith_ehp = (smith_xp - craft_xp/(51.25*13.7))/smith_ehp_rate
Added Total Level/XP, changed all skill variables to skill_{xp, lvl, ehp}
Added Title, Author, Version Control, Changelog, Future Features notes
Manual seed updates: added wigj, removed 3 sad 5 u, sqeezer33
Updated Reg EHP rates

v0.1a Nov 10, 2017
First functional prototype version
Manually seeded account names, ~450 accounts from cml's top 200 xp and lvl of each: reg, im (including hc/uim), uim
Sorting by overall_ehp, skill_ehp
Search for player by name