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v1.63 release: Lowest Level hiscores, ability to reset filters, ability to filter out inactive players, fix to non-combat hiscores
Bargan is free.
Due to a recent increase in accounts de-ironing or losing hardcore status, we have released a feature to check account type at the bottom right corner of each player's Personal Hiscores page.
Congratulations to the winners of the Free to Play clan's Buddy-Up Summer Skilling Competition!
First Place Team
tannerdino ColdFingers3
Second Place Team
DJ9 Pawz
Third Place Team
Irondish DansPotatoe

v1.62 release: 99 and 200m count have been released on the hiscores.
v1.61 release: internal site upgrades and refactoring. Open sourcing of our GitHub repo!
v1.60 release: Major site overhaul with updated EHP, implementation of bonus XP algorithms, and general internal improvements.
Our site has encountered multiple issues regarding beginner clues and the official beginner clues hiscores. As a result, many players were deleted, along with tracking and record data. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are doing our best to resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience.
Thanks to DansPotatoe for sharing his level 3 UIM guide!
v1.52 release: Overall (no combats) hiscores has been released!
v1.51 release: We're happy to announce the Time to Max feature on the hiscores!
Shoutout to Pawz and his new videos on Efficient F2P Maxing: Part 1, Part 2
v1.50 release: The long awaited EHP and XP tracking and Record Gains! Personal scores page also now displays current gains and records in addition to stats.
F2P Overall Hiscores
Rank Name Account Type Overall EHP
1 Netbook Pro Reg 10,038.17
2 minlvlskilla UIM 8,698.84
3 Pawz Reg 8,494.88
4 No Comfort Reg 7,509.68
5 ColdFingers3 IM 5,677.39
6 Disziple UIM 4,964.02
7 Eirerie HCIM 4,944.81
8 Ironman260 IM 4,690.27
9 Anne Shirley IM 4,283.86
10 400 Jay IM 4,128.37
11 kelarotta1 UIM 4,031.37
12 Faij Reg 3,984.99
13 Sofacanlazy Reg 3,732.17
14 tannerdino IM 3,342.18
15 Asura Zoma IM 3,221.2
16 Freckled Kid Reg 3,174.11
17 Janne Ahonen Reg 3,134.38
18 Patriot IM 3,075.52
19 _Yrak Reg 2,987.91
20 GildedSphinx HCIM 2,950.62
21 Kakarot Owns Reg 2,881.08
22 DansPotatoe UIM 2,781.63
23 WeirdWiteCYA Reg 2,720.65
24 F2P Lukie HCIM 2,523.48
25 UncleTomas IM 2,512.88

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